Hello, my name is Laura. I am currently living in Folkestone, Kent but have lived in Kent all my life.

I have identified as a Pagan since the age of 13 and have explored many pagan paths before finding the Avalonian Tradition.

On this site you can find details of events and workshops that I run in my capacity as a Sister of Avalon, as well as my online shop where I sell hand crafted items

My Journey

I have always believed that God was a woman, or at least part of a duality; A Motherly figure that has gently guided me through my life, and been a constant presence for good and bad times.

In the past I have lost my faith in Her, hated Her and cursed at Her, but I have and always will love Her. This love has been an utter and constant devotion. Having read lots of the books by Kathy Jones I had been interested in entering the Spiral Training in 2008, but due to adverse circumstances put it off, believing I wasn't worthy of it.

However, in the following years I read and re-read all of Kathy's books and came to know the Goddess in a new way.

In the summer of 2012 my Husband and I went on a camping holiday to Glastonbury. As we travelled closer, I felt my spirit relax. I felt calm, warm and loved. Climbing the Tor and sitting atop it helped me to relax and I could feel the Goddess around and within me.

As I prayed at the Chalice Well, I felt my spirit healing of it's wounds, the first time I entered the Goddess Temple I felt like I had come home, and after that trip, I finally joined the training, with the goal of becoming a Priestess of Avalon.

I completed the first Spiral of training and dedicated as a Sister of Avalon in September 2013. I then dedicated in September 2014 as a Priestess of the Goddess, and have gone on to the third Spiral, with a view to dedicating as a Priestess of Avalon in 2015

During my formative years I have often wondered why Priestesses fell in to obscurity. The term and the role have both fascinated and scared me. The Goddess is everywhere and I want to share Her love everywhere I go.

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